Will “Get Out” Become a Horror Classic?



For lack of a better phrase, only time will tell. If the box office is any indication of whether it will then be prepared to add it to your horror collection. Unfortunately for streamers this movie will be in theaters for quite a bit. However, this may be the one film in a while to get you off your couch and in a seat at your nearest cinema. I just saw it last weekend and my eyes could not be peeled from the screen, despite annoying movie goers. Twisting social and what some call ‘nice’ racism into an exaggerated sense, Jordan Peele scares audience members on a surreal level. Although I found it to be a little predictable, one could argue that was precisely the point of the flick. The genius is in the details and for the comedic skit creator, Peele, every scene contains something that contributes to the central idea. Continue reading “Will “Get Out” Become a Horror Classic?”