“Walking Dead” Has Left Us Again- Let’s Look Back on this Season

With last week’s finale looming, now is a time to look back and appreciate this season. Many ties were broken and new ones were formed which has become the usual in this post-apocalyptic setting. A recommended watch for newcomers, this post accompanies the most recent season.



As many of my close friends know, I am a Dead Head. No, not the Dead Heads that follow the psychedelic band Grateful Dead (although I do listen to them occasionally) rather, I am talking about the AMC series. I was recommended this show from a friend about 5 years ago when it was in the midst of the 3rd season. With Netflix’s help I was able to binge my way to the current season then and I have been watching ever since. While I do believe the quality dropped a bit in the 3rd and 4th seasons, the show is definitely a force to be reckoned with in its most recent 7th season. The creators do certainly take their time with the pace of the show and have even created another spin-off that airs while Walking Dead breaks. This season, especially the beginning and the end, has taken us on an emotional roller-coaster ride filled with bloody action. I highly recommend the show to those who wouldn’t mind the blend of drama, action, and horror. However, this is not exactly a review. While it does end up in a particular category, this is more so a wrap-up after last week’s season finale. Like stated before, the creators have a knack to create a large conflict for our heroes, draw it out, draw it out, and then create a loud bang at the conclusion of the season. That bang was definitely felt last week, so much so that I’m still repeating things in my head.


The opening of this season climaxed immediately with the loss of Abraham and Glenn by Negan and his bat named Lucille who he oddly attributes female qualities to. Glenn was an original character and a fan favorite and Abraham has grown on us all; it was certainly a huge blow. After the Saviors send their message and Rick’s group bows in defeat to them, this season focused on the layout of the other groups under/around Savior/Sanctuary control. That includes: The Kingdom, Hilltop, Oceanside, and the Trash People/Heapsters (name undetermined). As the season progresses we see how the groups mingle and show their true colors especially in regards to the fight between Alexandria (Rick’s group) and the Sanctuary.


The season finale boiled all of this into one when Rick’s group teamed up with the trash people and then were double-crossed by them. As Negan was just about to kill Carl, The Kingdom with Ezekiel and Morgan in charge and Hilltop with Maggie in charge busted out to turn the chances in Alexandria’s favor. Before all of this Sasha was caught in a whirlwind of ups and downs. Breaking into the Sanctuary guns blazing, she eventually disappears, leaving fans to assume her death. However, we see her again only to be used as bait by Negan. Fortunately, Sasha was tactical and used her death (to turn into a Walker) in order to surprise attack Negan. Unfortunately, Sasha died in the process. This took place shortly before the other groups came guns blazing. When they did, Ezekiel’s tiger had a full-course-meal on trash people and Saviors and it was glorious. Sasha was the main character to leave us, but many were injured. In the end, Negan retreated to show us that he still has a vast amount of troops remaining, but now Rick’s groups is supported by the Kingdom and Hilltop. The show also beautifully wove Glenn’s importance one final time. Here are my live tweets from previous episodes to help break this all down:

  • When the show is about to start:
  • Our frustrations with the show:
  • Inspiration?
  • Character Reactions:
  • The many different emotions:

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