The Forgettable Fuller House

It may be unfortunate for fans to hear, but they can see for themselves. Fuller House was a let down and was not the first of its kind. With many classic shows being brought back to air this isn’t the first to remind us that some things should just be left alone. Fuller House provides some nostalgia for those looking for it. However, it delivers no punches.



I’m a little disheartened to be writing this review. I grew up watching reruns of Full House on ABC Family and Nick at Nite like many others. Full House might not have been an award-winning drama, but the sense of family and lessons learned on the show melted hearts across the nation. The bromances between Danny, Jesse, and Joey can never be replicated and their love for Danny’s children is inthe most three-men-and-babies fashion. You rooted for the family and you grew up as you watched the Tanner children grow. Of course there were lots of laughs. The over-imposing neighbor Kimmy Gibler reminded us of our friends that sometimes hung around too much. The dimwitted boyfriends D.J. brought to the house showed us that romance frequents mistakes and that’s okay. Stephanie provided the perspective of growing up in the middle of a large family and Michelle was the youth needed to tell us that life’s problems shouldn’t consume us.


While the recurring lessons at the end of every episode does become highly repetitive to the point where you definitely need to take a break from the show, it’s an easy watch for children and adults, alike. If I were reviewing Full House I’d probably put it in the Watch or Check It categories, but alas Full House has become fuller and is not the target of this review. Hence the reason why Forget It is the category this show has ended up in. Continue reading “The Forgettable Fuller House”