The Baddest Bitches on TV? “Grace and Frankie” Put the BOOM in Baby Boomer

Although stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are just above the cuff of the Baby Boomer generation, their characters fit the description. Seen as grandparents to most, these ladies defy the branding placed on old age. What seems to be Netflix’s version of a sit-com, this show will never fail putting a smile on your face. The two play opposites and the mixture they create leaves you wanting more.



What’s that you say? Jane Fonda is 79 and Lily Tomlin is 77. Please! They don’t act or look a day over forty. This is especially the case for their baby booming roles of Grace and Frankie in the show. . . Grace and Frankie. As I addressed earlier, I do understand that the two actresses are actually a part of the Silent Generation, but for the purposes of this show it actually fits more that they shaved off a couple of years. Plus, it makes my title sound better. Hell, either generation still gets the point across. Let’s face it, age often limits us and I know this even at the age of 20. Whether it be those who find themselves not being offered the same amount of work as usual or women who might age with “grace”, but be judged as less than a female half her age. As natural as aging is, we tend to ostracize those who are older. This reflects in shows as well. While I know there have been other shows building on this like The Golden Girls, this show gets a Millennial spin. Continue reading “The Baddest Bitches on TV? “Grace and Frankie” Put the BOOM in Baby Boomer”

More Thoughts on “13 Reasons Why”

Update on the previous post “Suicide, Cassette Tapes, and Sexual Assault – There’s No Dismissing ’13 Reasons Why'”. Since my first post on the show a wave of discussion has ascended upon Netflix’s most recent biggest show. These discussions have pushed me to post again on what is becoming a contentious piece of work.


When a show starts to make waves I usually have to watch it. The only exceptions are when I am extremely turned off by it. Netflix has made this even more true since its production value has surpassed some broadcast TV stations. When I heard about 13 Reasons Why and how it was dominating Twitter and Facebook feeds, I had to watch it to see what everyone was talking about. Upon completion, I even enjoyed some aspects of the show and agreed with most viewers with how bingeable the show can be. While I did put 13 Reasons Why into the Watch It category since it was a decent show that was just unrealistic in its depiction that screamed teen drama, I now have more concerns about the show.  Continue reading “More Thoughts on “13 Reasons Why””

“Walking Dead” Has Left Us Again- Let’s Look Back on this Season

With last week’s finale looming, now is a time to look back and appreciate this season. Many ties were broken and new ones were formed which has become the usual in this post-apocalyptic setting. A recommended watch for newcomers, this post accompanies the most recent season.


As many of my close friends know, I am a Dead Head. No, not the Dead Heads that follow the psychedelic band Grateful Dead (although I do listen to them occasionally) rather, I am talking about the AMC series. I was recommended this show from a friend about 5 years ago when it was in the midst of the 3rd season. With Netflix’s help I was able to binge my way to the current season then and I have been watching ever since. While I do believe the quality dropped a bit in the 3rd and 4th seasons, the show is definitely a force to be reckoned with in its most recent 7th season. The creators do certainly take their time with the pace of the show and have even created another spin-off that airs while Walking Dead breaks. This season, especially the beginning and the end, has taken us on an emotional roller-coaster ride filled with bloody action. I highly recommend the show to those who wouldn’t mind the blend of drama, action, and horror. However, this is not exactly a review. While it does end up in a particular category, this is more so a wrap-up after last week’s season finale. Like stated before, the creators have a knack to create a large conflict for our heroes, draw it out, draw it out, and then create a loud bang at the conclusion of the season. That bang was definitely felt last week, so much so that I’m still repeating things in my head. Continue reading ““Walking Dead” Has Left Us Again- Let’s Look Back on this Season”

Suicide, Cassette Tapes, and Sexual Assault – There’s No Dismissing ’13 Reasons Why’

Surprise, surprise, the next biggest teen-related show is not on MTV or Freeform (ABC Family), but inside the big red vault of Netflix. Upon its release a frenzy was started with its content. On the face its a teen drama that pulls you in, but inside of that are conversations being started that either criticize or praise the show’s portrayal of heavy issues in teen life. One thing is for sure, it has opened a refreshing dialogue. Certainly bingeable, there’s a reason this show falls into the Watch It category instead.

NOTE: A new post has been created about this show with additional thoughts and changes to my original ones. One major one is the demotion of this show to the Check It category. 


Unlike most shows that I come upon, 13 Reasons Why was practically forced upon me by the attention it was getting. Seeing it all over Twitter and Facebook made it too tempting to put off watching this show and I was right. The very concept of the show keeps you watching episode after episode till you probably regret it in the morning. Since the episodes are based around the tapes of one of the main characters, Hannah Baker, who commits suicide, the show immediately wraps you in. Yes, the main character commits suicide and it is presented to you without much warning as I just have. Before doing this act she records the 13 reasons why she does, hence the title of the work. Originally a book by Jay Asher, a following grew around it till Selena Gomez thought it was worthy to make it to the screen. The translation into a TV show allows further depth, but to the point where it is too much. The book was certainly exploited and while separating it into 13 episodes was fitting to the cassette tapes, it dragged out everything unrealistically. The creators could have shortened the episode length and definitely kept this to one season. A limited series would be more fitting than a big production spanning multiple seasons when the book is only about 300 pages. While I am not certain of another season, the finale left too many questions where it is rather obvious that there will be. It’s rather unnecessary to have another season, but we love to exploit art. Continue reading “Suicide, Cassette Tapes, and Sexual Assault – There’s No Dismissing ’13 Reasons Why’”

See The Tale As Old As Time on the Big Screen Before It’s Too Late

Disney is set on a live-action campaign for the years to come. From Alice in Wonderland to The Jungle Book, this is just the beginning. Regardless of how you feel about them, the box office will just motivate more. Even though we have already have seen the content within these movies, there is something just so fresh to these stories. Beauty and the Beast, perhaps, is the best example of how a tale as old as most millennials can be renewed successfully.


1991 was quite a while ago and the chance of seeing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast  should not be taken lightly. The chance to see it in theaters, that is. Of course, re-releases occur, but there is something about the screen that adds to the experience. For this magical tale, it is even more true. Simply put, “Be Our Guest” should not be enjoyed from the comforts of your own home. I’ll be the first to tell you that a movie can be watched on your comfy couch, but in this case, you should make the trip. Just the simple fact that our childhood favorites are being brought to life should be motivation alone. It’s an addition that they are doing so with immense talent and interesting changes. If you have not seen it already, I hope my word can calm some of your worries. The casting was perfect and the changes advanced the story. I was never the biggest Beauty and the Beast fan, but this take did not hinder the story in any way. Don’t get me wrong I still loved Beauty and the Beast, but just had other preferred Disney favorites. With that aside, I must say that so far The Jungle Book is my favorite renewal to date. Continue reading “See The Tale As Old As Time on the Big Screen Before It’s Too Late”

They’re Ready for Their Closeups: Lange and Sarandon Dominate in “Feud”


Although the title is a reference to the 1950 classic, Sunset Boulevard, which features the star power of Gloria Swanson and not Joan Crawford or Bette Davis, it rings true for the battle of these two stars. After the success of La La Land during this season, Hollywood continues to be an entrenching topic on the screen. Not only does Hollywood love Hollywood, but we love it too. I mean what’s not to like? It’s the most famous neighborhood that symbolizes the dream many of us fantasize. Now that Hollywood has been around for practically a hundred years, it produces stories about itself and makes for some pretty interesting, behind-the-scenes tell-alls. The battle between Bette and Joan is just one of the many. ‘One of the many’ does not do it justice because after just three episodes it’s the next bingeable show on Stream Demon. Perhaps this will change after the conclusion of the first season, but so far it’s the perfect concoction for TV. Continue reading “They’re Ready for Their Closeups: Lange and Sarandon Dominate in “Feud””

Transparency of “This Is Us”

With the hit show Parenthood completing its run in 2015, This Is Us has successfully filled the show’s absence in 2016. Although I will always hold Parenthood near and dear to my heart, This Is Us has proved to be a force to reckon with. Bringing emotions to its viewers every week, the show is dominating viewers. Nonetheless, the show definitely has gaping flaws that need to be addressed.


Ever since it first aired, This Is Us has been sweeping the nation. I was actually kind of perplexed with this because it appears to be an average family drama that has been repeated on prime time television constantly. However, the creators of the show took a different approach. Instead of focusing on the characters in a straight sequence, the creators split the series between time periods. One focuses on the past with a couple, Jack and Rebecca (Milo Ventimiglia & Mandy Moore), having and raising their “triplets”. The next sequence is current and focuses on those three children, Kevin, Kate, and Randall (Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, & Sterling Brown). The show pans out and displays how crazy life is for each of them and how the love they share motivates them. For fair warning I will be sharing a few spoilers for those who haven’t watched it yet. For some quick information the show can be watched through a cable service On Demand, or streamed for a price on Eventually after the first season or a few, a streaming service will more than likely buy the rights and it can be streamed easier. Landing in the Watch It category, This Is Us is a recommended watch, but is easily an over-dramatic show that creates huge questions. Now without further ado back to the review.


Jack and Rebecca have their triplets, but not without complications. One of them is lost in the process, but as it happens another child is brought to the hospital, parentless. Jack and Rebecca adopt that child and it fulfills the triplet status of their children. As they grow each child naturally gains their own identity. Randall, who was adopted and is African American, struggles to fit in while also being in an advanced learning track. Kate struggles with her weight and body image, and Kevin struggles with not being noticed/neglected since he doesn’t seem to have any obvious struggles. As the show progresses you see how each character develops and how conflict and solution affects each of them. Beautifully presented, the show has definitely mastered warming a viewer’s heart, but sometimes to the point where the heart has become overheated. Continue reading “Transparency of “This Is Us””