Searching for that next addicting show to watch? Don’t know where to start?

This lean, mean streaming machine will help you choose your next favorite show.

This hub provides reviews to guide you on your program selection. Whether through a service like Netflix or HBO GO, the selections are endless. Here you can find shows split into 4 main categories- Binge It, Watch It, Check It, Forget It– each defining a different level of ‘watchability’. Posts are varying and will include shows past and present that are able to be streamed. Other categories will include movies and media topics.

Stream Demon encourages chronic bingement and recommendations from other streamers. Don’t just stream it, be it!

The Categories

  • Binge It –

The almighty and coveted category. Any show that falls in this is easily another hit to add to your list. These shows universally can entertain anyone.

  • Watch It –

Shows that are still noteworthy, sometimes even as much as those in the ‘Binge It’ category, but can be watched gradually and in no hurry. Often these shows can be watched in between other shows.

  • Check It –

The shows that typically fall into this category are ones that are still great, but for a particular audience. Also shows might not be my favorite, but still quite popular that they cannot be ignored.

  • Forget It –

The lowest category on the totem pole. Shows that fall into this shouldn’t be bothered with. Very few shows end up in this category, but when they do it is normally for a reason.


Constantly being asked, “what should I watch now?” from friends and family, the Stream Demon blog came up as an idea to organize the shows that would typically come up as an answer. As more and more people are turning towards streaming instead of basic cable, a blog such as this can offer more than just an average review. Finding where a show is offered is just as challenging as picking out a show in the first place, and previously aired shows are coming back with a vengeance. The Demon easily points viewers in a guided direction. With that in mind, this blog brings organization to an overwhelming streaming world.

About Me

From the Disney classics as a kid to divulging into Tarantino’s finest as a young adult, I have been a film buff since I can remember. After awhile I was just as much into shows as I was movies and started recommending my favorites to friends. As streaming services started emerging I found myself watching classic TV shows as I once did when I first got into film. Next thing I knew I had a whole library of recommendations and became a common reference to people trying to find something to watch. This blog came as an idea to finally put my oral recommendations into words. Not only that, but I hope to receive recommendations as well to add to my library. I find that connecting with someone in a conversation is so much easier when shows are brought up. We generally all participate in watching and do not even realize that we are all connected in the entertainment we all love to watch. Currently a college student majoring in communications and political science, I hope my blog can achieve it’s purpose for at least a few people.

Connor Schmiegel – author/creator of Stream Demon