They’re Ready for Their Closeups: Lange and Sarandon Dominate in “Feud”


Although the title is a reference to the 1950 classic, Sunset Boulevard, which features the star power of Gloria Swanson and not Joan Crawford or Bette Davis, it rings true for the battle of these two stars. After the success of La La Land during this season, Hollywood continues to be an entrenching topic on the screen. Not only does Hollywood love Hollywood, but we love it too. I mean what’s not to like? It’s the most famous neighborhood that symbolizes the dream many of us fantasize. Now that Hollywood has been around for practically a hundred years, it produces stories about itself and makes for some pretty interesting, behind-the-scenes tell-alls. The battle between Bette and Joan is just one of the many. ‘One of the many’ does not do it justice because after just three episodes it’s the next bingeable show on Stream Demon. Perhaps this will change after the conclusion of the first season, but so far it’s the perfect concoction for TV. Continue reading “They’re Ready for Their Closeups: Lange and Sarandon Dominate in “Feud””


Binge “The OA” Away

Following the hit of Stranger Things, The OA packs another punch for the Netflix brand. Unlike most shows, this one comes with many questions and fresh concepts. Trying to be spoiler-free, read why this unconventional show is the next Netflix hit.


When deciding how to describe a show one will typically jump to genres, but The OA makes this harder than expected. Someone might disagree and be able to quickly determine a certain genre, but I was at a loss for describing the show. The concepts that it covers and the characters that develop certainly leave you puzzled. However, this is where the show succeeds. Clearly from the title of this post I recommend streamers to binge this show. Keep in mind that it was just released by Netflix with only one season, so be wary of binging right away. I know some bingers like to wait till more material is ready. Back to the point, this was a show that deals with existential ideas. Netflix simply sums up the show with this: “Having gone missing seven years ago, the previously blind Prairie returns home, now in her 20s with her sight restored. While many believe she is a miracle, others worry that she could be dangerous.” That is not much to go off, especially when the first five minutes leave you guessing. It’s very plausible to call this a mystery due to this guessing. As you learn how the show deals with higher powers and out-of-body experiences Sci-Fi is also one of the more viable genres. Continue reading “Binge “The OA” Away”