Will “Get Out” Become a Horror Classic?



For lack of a better phrase, only time will tell. If the box office is any indication of whether it will then be prepared to add it to your horror collection. Unfortunately for streamers this movie will be in theaters for quite a bit. However, this may be the one film in a while to get you off your couch and in a seat at your nearest cinema. I just saw it last weekend and my eyes could not be peeled from the screen, despite annoying movie goers. Twisting social and what some call ‘nice’ racism into an exaggerated sense, Jordan Peele scares audience members on a surreal level. Although I found it to be a little predictable, one could argue that was precisely the point of the flick. The genius is in the details and for the comedic skit creator, Peele, every scene contains something that contributes to the central idea.

You ever overhear someone, particularly a white person, praising a black person’s capabilities? Or drawing attention to the fact that they have a certain black friend or as in the movie they would have voted for Obama for a third term? This is what some are calling ‘nice’ racism and it has been around for years. While there has always been the blatant racism that just seems to be pure evil and draws out horrors some can never believe. ‘Nice’ racism is not always as obvious and creates a horror of systematic evils no one would ever consider. Not wanting to believe is a luxury, but not even considering or realizing is a whole other ball game. You ever wonder how some white male Democratic politicians get the black vote, but then do nothing to change the status quo? These situations are common and are often overlooked. Peele realized this and decided to center his film around it.


Not all instances are cause of ‘nice’ racism, but it is something that when brought attention to can keep you up at night. Outside of all of this is a thrilling film that is sweeping the nation with its twists. Taking the styles of Hitchcock and Kubrick and putting his comedic flare along with it, Peele brings a fresh taste to horror. Perhaps what will bother you the most leaving the theater is how uncomfortable race relations can truly be. How we draw attention to race is personal to each of us and when focused on can scare us with a reality we never thought possible. Get out and watch it.


Author: Connor Schmiegel

Classic rock fanatic, actor, tv & film buff, and political talker. Currently discovering my way in life.

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