See The Tale As Old As Time on the Big Screen Before It’s Too Late

Disney is set on a live-action campaign for the years to come. From Alice in Wonderland to The Jungle Book, this is just the beginning. Regardless of how you feel about them, the box office will just motivate more. Even though we have already have seen the content within these movies, there is something just so fresh to these stories. Beauty and the Beast, perhaps, is the best example of how a tale as old as most millennials can be renewed successfully.



1991 was quite a while ago and the chance of seeing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast  should not be taken lightly. The chance to see it in theaters, that is. Of course, re-releases occur, but there is something about the screen that adds to the experience. For this magical tale, it is even more true. Simply put, “Be Our Guest” should not be enjoyed from the comforts of your own home. I’ll be the first to tell you that a movie can be watched on your comfy couch, but in this case, you should make the trip. Just the simple fact that our childhood favorites are being brought to life should be motivation alone. It’s an addition that they are doing so with immense talent and interesting changes. If you have not seen it already, I hope my word can calm some of your worries. The casting was perfect and the changes advanced the story. I was never the biggest Beauty and the Beast fan, but this take did not hinder the story in any way. Don’t get me wrong I still loved Beauty and the Beast, but just had other preferred Disney favorites. With that aside, I must say that so far The Jungle Book is my favorite renewal to date. Continue reading “See The Tale As Old As Time on the Big Screen Before It’s Too Late”

Will “Get Out” Become a Horror Classic?



For lack of a better phrase, only time will tell. If the box office is any indication of whether it will then be prepared to add it to your horror collection. Unfortunately for streamers this movie will be in theaters for quite a bit. However, this may be the one film in a while to get you off your couch and in a seat at your nearest cinema. I just saw it last weekend and my eyes could not be peeled from the screen, despite annoying movie goers. Twisting social and what some call ‘nice’ racism into an exaggerated sense, Jordan Peele scares audience members on a surreal level. Although I found it to be a little predictable, one could argue that was precisely the point of the flick. The genius is in the details and for the comedic skit creator, Peele, every scene contains something that contributes to the central idea. Continue reading “Will “Get Out” Become a Horror Classic?”

The Weird Beauty to “Swiss Army Man”

Some have really hated this movie and some have really loved it… but is there room for an in-between? This independent film surely packs some sort of punch even if it isn’t conventional. Originality is where the film succeeds, but it is also the Achilles’ heel. Just because something is original does not always mean that it is good. However, it will certainly leave a lasting impression.


I just watched this movie last week and could not resist posting about it. Although not able to stream for free yet, it can be found on Google, Youtube, or Amazon Video. I knew people who after watching for a short period of time, immediately turned this movie off. Whereas, other film lovers that I knew kept watching and some praised the freshness this film brought to the screen. I for one am caught in the middle. I enjoyed the concept, humor, and A cappella  soundtrack that scored the film, but thought it all eventually fell flat about halfway through the movie. Do not expect a masterpiece going into this movie, but do expect something you’ve never seen before. Set on an island where we meet our stranded main character Hank, played by Paul Dano, he desires to end his life. However, this quickly changes when a dead body washes up on the shore. Surprised by the casting of Daniel Radcliffe, his character, Manny is our washed-up corpse. Hank, engulfed by desperation quickly addresses this corpse and the basis of the film is born. This corpse is not exactly as it appears and starts to emote and talk as an actual living person does, while still limited to the capabilities of a corpse. As stated from others before, Weekend at Bernie’s meets Castaway in a weird stranded, love-affair way. Continue reading “The Weird Beauty to “Swiss Army Man””