The Baddest Bitches on TV? “Grace and Frankie” Put the BOOM in Baby Boomer

Although stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are just above the cuff of the Baby Boomer generation, their characters fit the description. Seen as grandparents to most, these ladies defy the branding placed on old age. What seems to be Netflix’s version of a sit-com, this show will never fail putting a smile on your face. The two play opposites and the mixture they create leaves you wanting more.



What’s that you say? Jane Fonda is 79 and Lily Tomlin is 77. Please! They don’t act or look a day over forty. This is especially the case for their baby booming roles of Grace and Frankie in the show. . . Grace and Frankie. As I addressed earlier, I do understand that the two actresses are actually a part of the Silent Generation, but for the purposes of this show it actually fits more that they shaved off a couple of years. Plus, it makes my title sound better. Hell, either generation still gets the point across. Let’s face it, age often limits us and I know this even at the age of 20. Whether it be those who find themselves not being offered the same amount of work as usual or women who might age with “grace”, but be judged as less than a female half her age. As natural as aging is, we tend to ostracize those who are older. This reflects in shows as well. While I know there have been other shows building on this like The Golden Girls, this show gets a Millennial spin. Continue reading “The Baddest Bitches on TV? “Grace and Frankie” Put the BOOM in Baby Boomer”

“Walking Dead” Has Left Us Again- Let’s Look Back on this Season

With last week’s finale looming, now is a time to look back and appreciate this season. Many ties were broken and new ones were formed which has become the usual in this post-apocalyptic setting. A recommended watch for newcomers, this post accompanies the most recent season.


As many of my close friends know, I am a Dead Head. No, not the Dead Heads that follow the psychedelic band Grateful Dead (although I do listen to them occasionally) rather, I am talking about the AMC series. I was recommended this show from a friend about 5 years ago when it was in the midst of the 3rd season. With Netflix’s help I was able to binge my way to the current season then and I have been watching ever since. While I do believe the quality dropped a bit in the 3rd and 4th seasons, the show is definitely a force to be reckoned with in its most recent 7th season. The creators do certainly take their time with the pace of the show and have even created another spin-off that airs while Walking Dead breaks. This season, especially the beginning and the end, has taken us on an emotional roller-coaster ride filled with bloody action. I highly recommend the show to those who wouldn’t mind the blend of drama, action, and horror. However, this is not exactly a review. While it does end up in a particular category, this is more so a wrap-up after last week’s season finale. Like stated before, the creators have a knack to create a large conflict for our heroes, draw it out, draw it out, and then create a loud bang at the conclusion of the season. That bang was definitely felt last week, so much so that I’m still repeating things in my head. Continue reading ““Walking Dead” Has Left Us Again- Let’s Look Back on this Season”

Transparency of “This Is Us”

With the hit show Parenthood completing its run in 2015, This Is Us has successfully filled the show’s absence in 2016. Although I will always hold Parenthood near and dear to my heart, This Is Us has proved to be a force to reckon with. Bringing emotions to its viewers every week, the show is dominating viewers. Nonetheless, the show definitely has gaping flaws that need to be addressed.


Ever since it first aired, This Is Us has been sweeping the nation. I was actually kind of perplexed with this because it appears to be an average family drama that has been repeated on prime time television constantly. However, the creators of the show took a different approach. Instead of focusing on the characters in a straight sequence, the creators split the series between time periods. One focuses on the past with a couple, Jack and Rebecca (Milo Ventimiglia & Mandy Moore), having and raising their “triplets”. The next sequence is current and focuses on those three children, Kevin, Kate, and Randall (Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, & Sterling Brown). The show pans out and displays how crazy life is for each of them and how the love they share motivates them. For fair warning I will be sharing a few spoilers for those who haven’t watched it yet. For some quick information the show can be watched through a cable service On Demand, or streamed for a price on Eventually after the first season or a few, a streaming service will more than likely buy the rights and it can be streamed easier. Landing in the Watch It category, This Is Us is a recommended watch, but is easily an over-dramatic show that creates huge questions. Now without further ado back to the review.


Jack and Rebecca have their triplets, but not without complications. One of them is lost in the process, but as it happens another child is brought to the hospital, parentless. Jack and Rebecca adopt that child and it fulfills the triplet status of their children. As they grow each child naturally gains their own identity. Randall, who was adopted and is African American, struggles to fit in while also being in an advanced learning track. Kate struggles with her weight and body image, and Kevin struggles with not being noticed/neglected since he doesn’t seem to have any obvious struggles. As the show progresses you see how each character develops and how conflict and solution affects each of them. Beautifully presented, the show has definitely mastered warming a viewer’s heart, but sometimes to the point where the heart has become overheated. Continue reading “Transparency of “This Is Us””

Seinfeld Reruns are Great, but Curb Your Enthusiasm is even better.

Curb Your Enthusiasm provides the humor we never thought we needed from Seinfeld into the 21st century. Larry David, a comedy genius, not only comes back with a vengeance with writing, but he also stars as the blubbering fool we all love.


Yes, I said it. I love Seinfeld as much as the next person, but Curb Your Enthusiasm deserves all of our attention. With a new season coming out from a 5 year hiatus, it’s time to watch some “reruns”. This can be streamed on HBO GO at any time and all of the seasons are On Demand for those that have cable and an HBO subscription. For clarification I do believe that Seinfeld is truly untouchable, but Curb Your Enthusiasm has a lot more license than Seinfeld ever had. If you are looking for a new comedy and are tired of the prime time network sit-coms start watching this. Larry David goes where he has never gone before. Okay he probably did go there before, but not as far in this instance. Continue reading “Seinfeld Reruns are Great, but Curb Your Enthusiasm is even better.”

“A Series of Unfortunate Events” Strikes Again

First a book series, then a successful film – now a polished Netflix series. This is one of the most refined adaptations of a series and nothing can come as close as this does. From the dry, sometimes off-the-cuff narration to the desperation of the children, this show succeeds where the film lost it. For fans, this is a must see.


‘Strikes again’ is used here to mean returning to the limelight, but in a good way. If you understand that random explanation to express an obvious point, then chances are you are a fan of Lemony Snicket and his wicked series. First published in late 1999 and continued until 2006, this series dominated children’s literature. Parents were quick to buy the series and did not mind reading along as well. When the 2004 film was released with Jim Carey taking the helm as Count Olaf, it was success. However, the film was more tuned to the comedy in the books and missed out on the solemn-toned majority. Netflix succeeds where the movie failed. The quirky one liners and long winded, short-lived characters are brought to a new life we never thought we needed. I put this in the Watch It category because although fans will love this, I do not believe this to be a show or book that will connect to all audiences. While containing adult material the series is exaggerated for a certain audience to be watching. The advantage this show has is that most of its fans are now grown and more children are continuing to read. While I do think this is a binge-able show for those that love it, it will not have the same flare for those just welcomed to the hit. That being said, some of you will not understand and appreciate the style of Lemony Snicket and his work. I do welcome anyone who wishes to try the series out. Continue reading ““A Series of Unfortunate Events” Strikes Again”