The Forgettable Fuller House

It may be unfortunate for fans to hear, but they can see for themselves. Fuller House was a let down and was not the first of its kind. With many classic shows being brought back to air this isn’t the first to remind us that some things should just be left alone. Fuller House provides some nostalgia for those looking for it. However, it delivers no punches.



I’m a little disheartened to be writing this review. I grew up watching reruns of Full House on ABC Family and Nick at Nite like many others. Full House might not have been an award-winning drama, but the sense of family and lessons learned on the show melted hearts across the nation. The bromances between Danny, Jesse, and Joey can never be replicated and their love for Danny’s children is inthe most three-men-and-babies fashion. You rooted for the family and you grew up as you watched the Tanner children grow. Of course there were lots of laughs. The over-imposing neighbor Kimmy Gibler reminded us of our friends that sometimes hung around too much. The dimwitted boyfriends D.J. brought to the house showed us that romance frequents mistakes and that’s okay. Stephanie provided the perspective of growing up in the middle of a large family and Michelle was the youth needed to tell us that life’s problems shouldn’t consume us.


While the recurring lessons at the end of every episode does become highly repetitive to the point where you definitely need to take a break from the show, it’s an easy watch for children and adults, alike. If I were reviewing Full House I’d probably put it in the Watch or Check It categories, but alas Full House has become fuller and is not the target of this review. Hence the reason why Forget It is the category this show has ended up in. Continue reading “The Forgettable Fuller House”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is rightfully a cult classic, but also a 90s Nightmare

Yesterday was the 20 year anniversary of this hit series and its following is still going strong, but is it worthy for newcomers? The answer isn’t simple and is the reason this cult classic falls into the Check It category.


I started watching Buffy about a month ago and I’ve grown to appreciate the monster-fantasy. However, this isn’t a show that I would recommend to everyone and I think that is a given. It’s not like the millions of Twilight fans go around to everyone they know and make sure their friends read the book as well. They know that only certain people will like the book and the same applies for Buffy. After all, it is a cult show for a reason. With that being said I for one do not mind science fiction and vampires and demons. If you have a similar interest give the show a watch.


The main strength of the show is the chemistry between the main characters, especially between Buffy and the “school librarian” Giles. The librarian is actually the vampire slayer’s, “watcher” who is the person that trains and looks over the slayer. Giles is my favorite character and is played by Anthony Stewart Head. He engulfs the classic British librarian any nerd has ever imagined and I was delighted by his performance. Continue reading “Buffy the Vampire Slayer is rightfully a cult classic, but also a 90s Nightmare”

Seinfeld Reruns are Great, but Curb Your Enthusiasm is even better.

Curb Your Enthusiasm provides the humor we never thought we needed from Seinfeld into the 21st century. Larry David, a comedy genius, not only comes back with a vengeance with writing, but he also stars as the blubbering fool we all love.


Yes, I said it. I love Seinfeld as much as the next person, but Curb Your Enthusiasm deserves all of our attention. With a new season coming out from a 5 year hiatus, it’s time to watch some “reruns”. This can be streamed on HBO GO at any time and all of the seasons are On Demand for those that have cable and an HBO subscription. For clarification I do believe that Seinfeld is truly untouchable, but Curb Your Enthusiasm has a lot more license than Seinfeld ever had. If you are looking for a new comedy and are tired of the prime time network sit-coms start watching this. Larry David goes where he has never gone before. Okay he probably did go there before, but not as far in this instance. Continue reading “Seinfeld Reruns are Great, but Curb Your Enthusiasm is even better.”

Will “Get Out” Become a Horror Classic?



For lack of a better phrase, only time will tell. If the box office is any indication of whether it will then be prepared to add it to your horror collection. Unfortunately for streamers this movie will be in theaters for quite a bit. However, this may be the one film in a while to get you off your couch and in a seat at your nearest cinema. I just saw it last weekend and my eyes could not be peeled from the screen, despite annoying movie goers. Twisting social and what some call ‘nice’ racism into an exaggerated sense, Jordan Peele scares audience members on a surreal level. Although I found it to be a little predictable, one could argue that was precisely the point of the flick. The genius is in the details and for the comedic skit creator, Peele, every scene contains something that contributes to the central idea. Continue reading “Will “Get Out” Become a Horror Classic?”

The Weird Beauty to “Swiss Army Man”

Some have really hated this movie and some have really loved it… but is there room for an in-between? This independent film surely packs some sort of punch even if it isn’t conventional. Originality is where the film succeeds, but it is also the Achilles’ heel. Just because something is original does not always mean that it is good. However, it will certainly leave a lasting impression.


I just watched this movie last week and could not resist posting about it. Although not able to stream for free yet, it can be found on Google, Youtube, or Amazon Video. I knew people who after watching for a short period of time, immediately turned this movie off. Whereas, other film lovers that I knew kept watching and some praised the freshness this film brought to the screen. I for one am caught in the middle. I enjoyed the concept, humor, and A cappella  soundtrack that scored the film, but thought it all eventually fell flat about halfway through the movie. Do not expect a masterpiece going into this movie, but do expect something you’ve never seen before. Set on an island where we meet our stranded main character Hank, played by Paul Dano, he desires to end his life. However, this quickly changes when a dead body washes up on the shore. Surprised by the casting of Daniel Radcliffe, his character, Manny is our washed-up corpse. Hank, engulfed by desperation quickly addresses this corpse and the basis of the film is born. This corpse is not exactly as it appears and starts to emote and talk as an actual living person does, while still limited to the capabilities of a corpse. As stated from others before, Weekend at Bernie’s meets Castaway in a weird stranded, love-affair way. Continue reading “The Weird Beauty to “Swiss Army Man””

“A Series of Unfortunate Events” Strikes Again

First a book series, then a successful film – now a polished Netflix series. This is one of the most refined adaptations of a series and nothing can come as close as this does. From the dry, sometimes off-the-cuff narration to the desperation of the children, this show succeeds where the film lost it. For fans, this is a must see.


‘Strikes again’ is used here to mean returning to the limelight, but in a good way. If you understand that random explanation to express an obvious point, then chances are you are a fan of Lemony Snicket and his wicked series. First published in late 1999 and continued until 2006, this series dominated children’s literature. Parents were quick to buy the series and did not mind reading along as well. When the 2004 film was released with Jim Carey taking the helm as Count Olaf, it was success. However, the film was more tuned to the comedy in the books and missed out on the solemn-toned majority. Netflix succeeds where the movie failed. The quirky one liners and long winded, short-lived characters are brought to a new life we never thought we needed. I put this in the Watch It category because although fans will love this, I do not believe this to be a show or book that will connect to all audiences. While containing adult material the series is exaggerated for a certain audience to be watching. The advantage this show has is that most of its fans are now grown and more children are continuing to read. While I do think this is a binge-able show for those that love it, it will not have the same flare for those just welcomed to the hit. That being said, some of you will not understand and appreciate the style of Lemony Snicket and his work. I do welcome anyone who wishes to try the series out. Continue reading ““A Series of Unfortunate Events” Strikes Again”

Binge “The OA” Away

Following the hit of Stranger Things, The OA packs another punch for the Netflix brand. Unlike most shows, this one comes with many questions and fresh concepts. Trying to be spoiler-free, read why this unconventional show is the next Netflix hit.


When deciding how to describe a show one will typically jump to genres, but The OA makes this harder than expected. Someone might disagree and be able to quickly determine a certain genre, but I was at a loss for describing the show. The concepts that it covers and the characters that develop certainly leave you puzzled. However, this is where the show succeeds. Clearly from the title of this post I recommend streamers to binge this show. Keep in mind that it was just released by Netflix with only one season, so be wary of binging right away. I know some bingers like to wait till more material is ready. Back to the point, this was a show that deals with existential ideas. Netflix simply sums up the show with this: “Having gone missing seven years ago, the previously blind Prairie returns home, now in her 20s with her sight restored. While many believe she is a miracle, others worry that she could be dangerous.” That is not much to go off, especially when the first five minutes leave you guessing. It’s very plausible to call this a mystery due to this guessing. As you learn how the show deals with higher powers and out-of-body experiences Sci-Fi is also one of the more viable genres. Continue reading “Binge “The OA” Away”