Seinfeld Reruns are Great, but Curb Your Enthusiasm is even better.

Curb Your Enthusiasm provides the humor we never thought we needed from Seinfeld into the 21st century. Larry David, a comedy genius, not only comes back with a vengeance with writing, but he also stars as the blubbering fool we all love.



Yes, I said it. I love Seinfeld as much as the next person, but Curb Your Enthusiasm deserves all of our attention. With a new season coming out from a 5 year hiatus, it’s time to watch some “reruns”. This can be streamed on HBO GO at any time and all of the seasons are On Demand for those that have cable and an HBO subscription. For clarification I do believe that Seinfeld is truly untouchable, but Curb Your Enthusiasm has a lot more license than Seinfeld ever had. If you are looking for a new comedy and are tired of the prime time network sit-coms start watching this. Larry David goes where he has never gone before. Okay he probably did go there before, but not as far in this instance.

The show plays on Larry David’s actual life and for that reason bases the show on it. In the show, following the success of his co-creation of Seinfeld, Larry lives in California with his wife Cheryl. The show follows his day-to-day life and struggles. From trying to avoid people for the sake of not having to talk with them, to constantly starting feuds with others, Larry always seems to find himself in some sort of trouble. Alas his trouble is our enjoyment and also how we relate so well to the character. Perhaps its the old, not working, non-practicing Jewish character that creates laughs easily. Take this scene for instance. One of the many times Larry gets annoyed at someone around him and decides to make his feelings known.

Do you remember when Bluetooth was so popular? I think Larry speaks for us all in this case. Although this is a funny scene, there is always so much more to every episode since Larry David makes sure there’s an overarching conflict that ties the beginning to the end. I put this in the Watch It category as this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is guaranteed to get a laugh out of anyone. It’s pretty, pretty, pretty good and yes, that was a reference.

Author: Connor Schmiegel

Classic rock fanatic, actor, tv & film buff, and political talker. Currently discovering my way in life.

2 thoughts on “Seinfeld Reruns are Great, but Curb Your Enthusiasm is even better.”

  1. You were watching this show non stop and I couldn’t stand it but after secretly watching it with you, I fell for it. Great job!


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